My Wife and I work with Michelle multiple times a month. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and knows how to work on the places that are causing you pain. My back pain has gone away by working on the areas that are weak, I could have only accomplished this with her knowledge.

Matt Vaive

Michelle is one of the few trainers I've worked with who has studied kinesiology extensively and applies that knowledge to customizing a plan for her clients. Each workout has a plan that builds on the previous session, and takes into account my goals and how my body reacts to the work. For those of us that aren't 40 anymore, it is great to feel better and see progress each week while working with someone who genuinely cares about our health. I highly recommend Michelle!

Gordon Van Wechel

Let me first say that Michelle is a wonderworker. My neck and back have been not feeling so good, until i went in to see her my results have been very good. Thanks so much.

LPS Gecko Girl

I have seen Dr. Morath for everything from a frozen shoulder to a knee-cap that wasn't tracking quite right and was heading for a knee replacement. All surgeries avoided thankfully! She is thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient. I strongly recommend her for naprapathy, training and fitness advice and coaching and nutrition suggestions. She treats the whole person.

Laurel Hull

My wife and I have worked with Michelle, using her skills as a personal trainer. Michelle took the time to understand what our needs and goals were and then designed a specific program for each of us. Each training session Michelle would push and motivate us, observe the changes and then tweak the program according to our progress if needed. Very specific, easy to duplicate on our non-trainer days - nothing cookie cutter about it. Michelle's knowledge, skills, expertise and dedication in her field surpasses the norm. She will help you reach your goals to be and stay fit.

Michael Maggio, DC, CCSP

Working with Michelle has been truly exceptional. While I started services to tighten and tone specific areas (which is great), the benefit which has been far more valuable is the instant pain relief I get every time I do a workout (with Michelle or when I do the exercises she designed for me at home). Michelle's thorough intake and interview facilitated a deep understanding of my chronic pain areas and working with her has truly exceeded my expectations.

Karen Larré

Publisher, Truly Alive Magazine

Michelle is an inspirational, motivational, and knowledgeable personal trainer. She is patient and diligent with me and she supports my fitness goals. I would recommend her to anyone!

Lisa Thompson, MD

I first met Michelle when she was recommended to me as a trainer by a friend. She is a great person, a good listener, very knowledgeable in her field, and very focused and intelligent. She is an excellent trainer and very creative in her approach. She also became a volunteer for American Lung Association in New Mexico, and did a fantastic job on our stair climb both as a winning climber and volunteer. I highly recommend Michelle Morath.

Marlis Hadley

Michelle is a knowledgeable personal trainer who was conferred her Bachelor of University Studies with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Management in May, 2010. She combines her education with evidence-based, relevant information for her clients. She has many long-term clients because she sets realistic and achievable goals for them. Professionally, she and I have presented programs to eldercare service providers on the importance of exercise and nutrition. She is thorough, timely and professional.

Celeste Lee