Naprapathic Medicine FAQ’s

1What is Naprapathy?
Naprapathy is a gentle form of manual medicine that provides pain relief without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. A Naprapathic doctor is a connective tissue specialist and focuses on the evaluation and treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.
2What is Connective Tissue?
Connective tissue is found throughout the human body in the form of ligaments, tendons, fascia, cartilage, discs and other forms. Your body is a complex network of connective tissue which can become imbalanced by being too tight in some areas or too loose in other areas resulting in pain and loss of function.
3Who can benefit from Naprapathic Treatment?
Anyone who has had:
  • A trauma
  • Suffers from acute or chronic pain
  • Work related injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Faulty posture
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • People who are in generally good health but are limited by pain or discomfort
4What can I expect in a treatment?
You can expect a customized treatment for your needs. A session begins with an evaluation of your complaint(s), and then the complaint(s) is/are treated by gentle, physical manipulation of the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia), muscles, and/or joints. To aide in your progress, exercise and nutrition instructions will be given as homework.
5Will I be treated on my first visit?
Yes, you will be treated on your first visit following a comprehensive exam. If you have had X-Rays, a CT scan or MRI, please bring a copy of the report.
6How will I feel following a treatment?
You will most likely feel relief on your first visit. You may feel some soreness for up to two days following a treatment. This is normal. However, not everyone feels sore after a treatment.
7What should I wear for a treatment?
Loose, comfortable clothing such as for exercise is preferable. Denim and restrictive clothing are not recommended.
1How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments needed is dependent on your physical complaint(s). Many patients only require 2-3 treatments while others require ongoing care for a period of time consisting of weekly or bi-weekly treatments.
2Do you prescribe drugs for pain or other health issues?
A Naprapath does not prescribe pharmaceuticals, but does recommend natural remedies and supplements that promote health, relieve pain, and promote healthy weight loss. In addition, I work with each patient to develop a series of therapeutic exercises and stretches tailored specifically to his or her condition.
3How much do you charge?
The first appointment starts at $150 including tax depending on services rendered and lasts up to 90 minutes. Follow-up appointments are $120 including tax and last up to 60 minutes, or $68 for 30 minutes.
4Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. You can request an appointment by calling 505-550-8322.
5Do you take insurance?
Yes. I take Cigna, True Health New Mexico, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico. If you have insurance through one of these companies, check your plan to see if it covers Naprapathy. If it does not, you can request that your employer add Naprapathy to your insurance plan.
6Do you take Medicare or Medicaid?
No. Medicare and Medicaid do not cover Naprapathy.